A bald man of about fifty entered through the door of the tiny shop. The shop assistant greeted him with a broad smile:

– Good afternoon!

– Welcome to our shop! How are things going? I haven’t seen you for ages!

– I was here a couple of days ago!

– Oh, you could come more often! I have thought that you were unfaithful to us!

– How do you think such a thing, Maggie! You know that your shop is by far the best and the most discrete.

– And what can I give you?

– A new spine, Maggie! – He replied a little shyly.

– Worn out so soon? After all, you bought one last week! – she clasped her hands incredulously  then she was embarrassed.

– Of course, I cannot judge you. Believe me, I am as bad as the others.  But life is not a cakewalk. One must tolerate so many things, humble oneself, that’s why you wear down spine  so fast.  You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

– Exactly as I meant to say!

– What size do you need? Fifty-two?

– How well do you remember? But I suppose that you have a number of customers.

– Things are going well, I’m not complaining. – the shop assistant smiled at him. – We offer good products in good prices, and customers like us, thanks Lord … Look! I think this is it! This is your size! It has a very good quality, and now I can give you 10% discount.

– Can I try it?

– Of course. The fitting room is over there, you know. Wait a minute, let me give you a plastic bag  which you can place the worned out spine into. Then put it into the container labeled „hazardous waste”. Environmental standards, you know. Rules are rules. They must be followed.

– Yes, of course. According to regulatory guidelines. I know that. All of my life I have kept all the rules, but I haven’t gone so far.

– This is the way of life. For those running the chariot, who steal, cheat, lie … We ordenary people can do nothing but tolerate things and be satisfied with the fact that we can survive it after all. So I’m satisfed with my life.

– So is everyone, Maggie! Believe me!

– Does it fit you?

– Yes, perfect, just a little too hard.

– Only at the beginning. We can get used to it while wearing. The spine, such as shoes can be fitted.

– Great truth Maggie! Great truth. How nice that I can talk to you so frankly. How much does it cost?

– You know, discretion is the key of our business. That is why my boss likes me, as much as she is able to like anybody. She has no heart …

– Just quietly, Maggie! She can hear you.

– Oh, no, she’s gone. The camera is only a fake one, you know, we need it because of shoplifting. And it costs eight thousand five hundred.

– Well, it’s really a gift for me! It is a pity that there is no discount every week! You know what? Then I take two!

– As you wish. All for sale! Just let me check the warranty label. The warranty period is six monts!

– Great! Then I take three!

– Here you are! Two of them are wrapped up discreetly.

– You’re an angel, Maggie! See you soon! And keep the change!

– Thank you! And all the best!


– Good afternoon, dear Maggie!

– Nice to see you again! How’s the family?

– Well, thank you.

– And the kid? I hope he isn’t sick again.

– No, no. He has been much better since my wife stay with him at home, we do not allow hit o go to the nursery school, tey take only a short walk every day.

– Well, health is our greatest treasure, and a kid is worth every sacrifice.

– I think so. I’d like to get the same one I bought last time.

The shop assistant thought for a short time, then she smiled:

– You mean our “Love me” product, don’t you? Unfortunately, we do not have pills, only instant powder only. A bit more expensive, but you can feel its effect more rapidly.

– It is great. You know at my age it is important to have a normal sex life.

– I understand you, you do not have explain yourself! I was young, as well – once upon a time… – she laughed and winked at the young man. How many boxes can I give?

– How much does it cost?

– Three thousand, two hundred and forty. But if you buy five boxes, it costs only  three thousand per a box.

– Then I buy five. It is really a good price.

– I think so. And here is a candle for free to create intimate atmosphere.

– Well, my lady is going to be happy about it! Goodbye!

– Have a nice day and I wish you good health! All the best for your the family!

Meanwhile a thirty-year-old woman entered the store. She looked embarrassed, blushed and smiled shyly. the shop assistant looked at her and smiled back. “New customer” – she thought and politely said:

– Good afternoon! You have not been here before, have you? I’m glad that you have found our shop!

– Yes or not. A friend of mine recommended me this place.

– I see. And what can I do for you?

– Wait a minute, I wrote it down! – for a while she fumbled in her purse, took out a crumpled piece of paper and read it aloud: – More Brain brain-growing medicine to increase the weight of the brain.

– To increase the weight of the brain? You  mean IQ, do you?

– I do not know, an acquaintance of mine wrote it down, and my husband takes capsules to increase his muscle.

– Believe me, my dear, More Brain is an excellent and effective medicine for IQ. I don’t mean to be indiscreet, but why do you need it?

– I am going to a job interview next week, and I thought, they said …

– I see, I see. In this case More brain that you really need. What sort of package size do want? Small, stanard or large? A standard box contains thirty tablets. A large one contains a hundred.

– Well … I will buy a large one, anyway, my husband paid for it. He is a very nice man, he buys everything that I need.

– You’re very lucky, my dear! – the shop assistant smiled at her. – Esteem him! Do you know how rare a good man is? I would be able to talk about it for hours, believe me! For example my sister’s husband is a scamp, a jerk … but do not want to discuss my family problems with my customers. Can I give you anything else? If your husband pays for it… …

– Well, maybe … something that make me more beautiful in his eyes. If there is something

– Yes, of course! Be sexy drops can make miracles! You cannot imagine how many boxes I have sold! We have to reorder it continuosly.

Then a large package of More brain and an XXL Be sexy drops. The total is  forty-five thousand eight hundred.

– It is a little bit expensive.

– But your husband pays for it after all. And you make him happy by these drops. And you can call it an investment. If you get this job, the invested amount will show a return.

– How smart you are! Do you also use More brain?

– No, my dear, I only sell these products. By the way, I am Maggie, just call me Maggie as everyboby else.

– My mom is called Maggie as well. What a lucky coincidence!

– Well, well. Have a nice day and all the best!

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