Dear Miss,

First of all I would like to declare: I am not a “letter-writer” type  but your article “El Macho” which I started to read with some curiosity and skepticism, encouraged my writing. And that’s not necessarily praise for you.

Let’s think over the terms we use:

Alpha male – I think people usually use this term for a person with strong self-esteem problems.

Macho lives in girl’s mind, but the „macho” is a genre, not a male character – I would like to emphasize an imaginary one. “What a girl is dreaming about” category.

A real man respects himself and others at all times, unless, of course, he has been disrespected. Popular cliché, but true.

Every mother’s son is a male but to be a man… it’s godsen privilege.
So where am I in men’s “food chain”?
You shold ask my subalterns! But the strong can always see the symptomes of the weakness – the fear has its own odor – and he can bite the weaker one troble-free. This is the law of  the wild. And believe me, few people suppose a plush kitty behind my face..

As a matter of fact there’s not too much difference between loosers and herdleaders. Both are vulnerable, but the pathetic losers lick their wounds all by themselves, but a real man will always find someone to comfort him.

Of course, it is impotrant who one can find.

Every man likes „simpletons”, it is easy to manipulate, to control and to take advantage of them.  But I’m frustrated by weak in a head women. Why should I keep it  a platypus at home? I would have so many trobles with her. It must be fed, cared for. I apologize for  this rude remark to those who like and protect animals! I’m really sorry!

And, of course, does not matter what motivates the man and woman in a relationship.

Frankly, this question made me smile: Do you believe in true love?

Yes, without any doubt.. That is why I have three “C” class-cars!

You know, at the beginning of any relationship the woman tells that I’m her treasure and the best she could get in the world. And at the end she says, I am the most instructive  and priceless experience of her life…

And what if she wanted my money! Done! If it makes her happy!  I can make a bid and I won’t hear her hissy fit about how I treat her like … Huh, you know what I mean.

I do not like tantrums, blow-ups.

A worthy revenge is another matter. Ancient Romans said “Revenge is a confession of pain.”

We are adults so we have to handle it like an adult does.There is nothing reprehensible.

It is also interesting to consider whether there are tricks, moonshines.

I’ll tell you the safest trick of mine: I let the girls to pick me up.

Generally  I speaking little, I smile more. But I’ve been working on some stunning phrases. How do you like them?

If  you had no arms, I’d think you are the Venus of Milo. While considering your age Venus of  Willendorf  is a better choice…

or… I know I’m not the prettier guy, but nobody talks to you…


I hope that this letter will help you to see more clearly the question of a real man, and it will contribute in increasing your sales figurers .


Yours faithfully,

The Real Man

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