She heard the key  rattled in the lock. She exactly knew what it meant. Her husband returned home. She was sitting in front of her laptop but having heard that noise she  stood up and hurried to greet him.

– Hey, honey! How was your day? – he smiled and touched his wife’s flushed face. She smiled back.

– So, what have you been doing  all day? It was a great day for you, wasn’t it?- he asked.

The answer was another smile.

– Want some dinner? I made your favorite. – she asked.

– Oh, well, you are an angel! – Hugged her the young man. – A miracle! you are my miracle! And where is our baby?

– He is watching TV.

– He shouldn’t watch Tv all day! You know, dear, we have talked about that.

His wife looked sad, her lips were trembling, and there were tears in her eyes. Her husband hugged her saying:

– It’s okay! There is nothing wrong! I’ll help you! Come on, let me hold you tight! I know it helps you to calm down. Everything will be all right.  I love you! I alwas stand by you! You know, you are my life! My luxurious dream! – he smiled encouragingly.

– Really? – Shee smiled again. – And I have a surprise for you! I know you’ll be very happy about it!

– A surprise? My Pussycat, so what is your surprsie for your Teddy Bear?

– I’m going to win a weekend in our favorite hotel of spa?

– Really? You’re a genius! I knew it! And how did you do that, honey! Impress me!

– I received an e-mail, I had to complete a questionnaire and return. Here is your salad!

– Thank you. Very yummy … and you will have your reward! – he smiled. – Tell me more!

– That’s it. I really look forward to travelling! And you?

– Me too, honey!

– But I have a problem, but you will help me, won’t you?

– Yeah, sweety! You know, I’ll help you!

– I could not find the page, but I definitely mistyped something …

– It’s okay, I’ll find it for you! You can see, I’ve already had my dinner. Thank you very much, it was really yummy! I love you!

– Can you look at?

– Yeah, my cutie! Let me see! Where’s the laptop?

– It is in the living room so as not to disturb the baby!

– O my God, how sweet you are! What is the homepage?


The husband typed the link: Oops! Page not found! He tried one more time to see if something was  mistyped: Oops! Again.

– Where did you get this email from? – he asked his wife.

– I’ll show you! Watch it!

– This is an ordinary address! Not an official one!

– What does that mean?

– It’s not important. Forget it. Show me the questionnaire! – his husband’s face twitched slightly.

– Watch it!

– It’s an IQ test! And you filled it in and sent back?

– Yes, but I didn’t answer each question. It was too long. But we will win a trip, won’t we? Read this!



“Dear Sir / Madam,

Want to know more about yourself? Would you like to discover the hidden corners  of  your personality? Become more confident and satisfied? Discover yourself with us!

Fill in the following questionnaire and return it by mail!

You can travel not just to  the realm of your soul and personality  but to a four- star hotel as well, where you and your spouse can spend a fabulous weekend! Get self-knowledge, become more confident and relax in an environment that meets all of your requirements.

And you do not have to do anything but fill in our survey!

Thank you for your confidence and for your time!

To learn more about us, fill in the questionnaire, sent it back and visit our homepage.

 Yours faithfully,

 The team of Learnmoreaboutyourself”


– And you filled it  in and sent it back? – he asked his wife raised his voice slightly.

– Yes, so we gain wellness weekend! – aswered his wife, blushing. She stared at him blankly.

– We are not going to win anything! This is a bad joke! Can’t you realize? – the husband’s face twitched nervously, but he tried to stay calm.

His wife began to cry:

– Why are you talking to me so badly? I just wanted to do something  good! I always just want what’s good for you! To strengthen our relationship! Is not that what you said? Did not you want to? Why do you hurt me? And what if our child heard your  yelling at me? It does not matter to you?

His face twitched again. He huged his wife:

– Well, do not cry! You know I love you! You know I love you so much! We’ll go together,  three of us. Good? Just do not cry! Come on, we willbook an accommodation together!

The wife said weeping: – Okay! I’ll go with you on one condition! Do not treat me as if I were stupid!

Her husband hugged her more tightly:

– You’re not stupid! Do not hurt yourself! You are my angel, my cutie pie! You are my everything, my dreams came true…

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  1. J. G. Andersson says:

    This “girl” knows what’s what, her charm took me by storm. I want to know her, but I must take my courage in both hands. (headshot proposed for the husband)

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