– So why did you decide to see me?

– Because it’s included in my contract, a conversation with you. I have come. Done. It is no use wasting each other’s time in vain.

– That’s it? Don’t you think that we could have a talk when you have come here?

– And then we go to grab some beer together. I was only pulling your leg. I do not drink. See you then!

– Wait a minute! Where are you going? Just take a seat!

– What for?

– To talk to me!

– This is a kind of obsession of yours? You are not my buddy, why should I talk to you?

– I think you can get some benefit from this conversation!

– Now we are talking! Why didn’t you mention it sooner? Benefit. O.K.  Specify the amount of money!

– I’m talking about spiritual benefit. Just take a seat! This is your tactic? Play the devil-may-care?

– It’s not my tactic. This is me. I do not think I need your opinion or advice.

– You think that, or at least you claim that you think that.

– Why are you saying that? Do I look like as if I need it? You can start to make this more complicated by this “you think or you claim stuff”, but it does not make you smarter in my eyes. But keep trying! I do not mind, I can take a seat for a while. Any better?

– So let’s get to the point. Why did you undertake it?

– This conversation? I told you. It’s included in my contract.

– I think of the interview, for the magazine.

– They paid for it.

– And this reason is enough for you?

– Well, quite an impressive amount was offered.

– How long has the process been going?

– The negotiations with the magazine?

– No, I didn’t mean that. I mean building walls from self-deception mechanisms to protect yourself.

– Who on Earth you are to say such things? Are you a building contractor?

– I see, you are using your sense of humor as you try to mitigate the inconvenience.

– Do you mind my having a sense of humor?

– No, it’s okay.

– Good. I has just  begun to worry. Can you see how tense I am! I could not sleep a wink since we met!

– So you are kidding again. But, just do it! If you want to!

– It is a problem for you that I know what I want?

– No, but do you really know that?

– How can you ask such a stupid thing! Sorry. But why should I be insecure? Because you meet people every day who are uncertain and anxious? That’s your problem, not mine! Why did you choose this career? Didn’t you expect this?

– I’d rather talk about you!

– Let’s talk about me! This is my favorite topic. How did you find out?

– Just call it my routine, with more than 20 years of experience behind my back –  I can say…

– It cannot be too much experience, if it can fit behind your back.

– Attacks? So are you anxious?

– I am not. This armchair is large enough to feel comfortable, thank you. Just say what you mean.

– While are you playing a role?

– I see that you have read the interview. Very well, I hope you gained a lot from it.

– To be honest, not too much. You know, I have so much experience. I meet people every day who have all kinds of neurotic problems.

– I have some as well, at least five or six.

– Is that so?

– Of course. Have not you realized that we live in consumer society? The more you have of something, the better. I was only kidding again. I have none.

– Do you know that the denial of the disturbing emotions, impulses, desires is a way of expelling them from your consciousness?

– Well, you have memorized it very well. Which page of your spellbook did you quote?

– Look, maybe we could talk instead of joking. Are you so afraid?

– Of what? Of punching me? Or you can say: Wow! And I will be scared. Give me a break! Ask meaningful questions if you want to get a sensible answer!

– All right. Do you think you are an alpha-male?

– Come on! You can come with? You do not want to list the Greek alphabet, do you? Stop this alpha-blah-blah now! I am a man. And I am satisfied with this fact and with myself.

– And  do not you feel in the air that something is wrong?

– No, but my nose is blocked. Caching a cold is not a macho stuff, I know. But I am a human being as well.

– I mean your behavior, the way you walk, your gestures.

– Are you envious? Would you like me to teach you that? Do you think that it is better? The ways as you show that you are so open and you nearly fall off the chair while you keep twisting your hair. Do you think I do not have eyes? Only I do not even torturing myself nor others with such nonsense. It had better give up. This conversation makes no sense!

– Because you refuse to open your mind.

– I’m not a door! But I can open it with your nimbus key! You have one, I suppose! Get me to talk! You had been studying at the university for many years! Can’t you see? I do not have a degree but you cannot do anything to me! It is not dependent on this. Your artificial reasoning is nothing for me. You were taught by the university and I was taught by real life. It is a cliché, but it is true. You know I can use foreign words to talk nonsense, but why should I? Or the girls like it? I can get either in a blink of your eyes!

– Even that pretty one, who interviewed you?

– She is just history for me. Give a higher stake! Wanna bet?

– Look, time is up! My assistant will show you out.

– I hope that she is cute…


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