The title of my blog is “Napi Rövid Zárlat”. It is a kind of pun in Hungarian which suggests two meaning: brief summary and short circuit.

On one hand I always try to write briefly – succinctly and very frankly, on the other hand  “the fuse can go” because of my cruel-sense of humour.

But I do not mean to offend anybody.


Make up (12th January)


Yesterday  I was too lazy to continue my blog  but today I am ready for action.

Well,, I think that it is risky to go out without wearing any make up .

Immediately advantage of this design Before we meet other human beings using of codependeny makes our self-cofidence stronger. Posting few  Some “Right-Said-Fred” quotes makes one’s countur more stronger and a touch of aggression hide the spots of shame and even one’s eyes will be sparkling as well. The rigid, moitonless face reflects our determination. Smiling lips make us charming – fake one is O.K. as well. And clishes can turn our breath fresher.

Ladies and Gentlemen – Shall we go?


Make-Up? Wake up!


I want to ride my bicycle (13th Januáry)

“Oh, my Mum! Sell our house and buy me a bike that can reach the heavens “- my father sighed often.
It will be something like the beans in fairy tales that can reach the heavens?
And where to get it? And how can we solve the challenging problem of  its operation?
But I am sure, it would be a status symbol!
A couple of days ago a friend of mine said, the bike could be a status symbol, indicating, “I am green.”
I do not know. I collect rubbish in selective way so that so that they can be used again, and I like BatteryBack, I do not waste water …
But for me it means: No license, no vehicle.
I have just a bike.
And I push it  away …


Plastic samurai (23th of January)

Commonly known as: paper dog.
But let me just use this phrase: plastic samurai  so that I can ask:
Is plastic samurai the version of the tin soldiers in our century?
All of us know the tale of the tin soldier, which stood on one leg, which reemerged from the big fish after his adventuorus journey and felt true love toward the tiny paper ballerina until he died, finally his figure shrank into a small heart in the fire.

And what about our  plastic samurai? Made of plastic – it’s fantastic. Plastic material, so it looks like … but it is just a fake one.
This is a common feature of them. The tin soldier seemed to be broken and faulty. But it turned out he was a good man in a tight place.

By contrast, plastic warriors seem to be brave, heroic, but it’s not true.
to be honest it  the most of courage: to be true.
To be yourself – at least when you look at the mirror. But it is easier to play the smart, the strong, the brave, the generous, the savior, the self-sacrificing, the calm, the adult. And the others do not notice that?When a child picks up mom or dad’s shoes pretendig he or she is an adult-  it can be cute. When an adult do that – pathetic and ridiculous.

As a friend of mine said: Plastic samurai with his sword belongs to Barbie’s world. And he doesn’t deserves a graceful ballerina, just a spouse of plastic.

And another friend of mine has just found the perfect soul mates for me. What can I suppose to say: I strongly hope that nobody wants me to post Barbe song on my homepage.



Momma always said (24th of January)

Now, when I was a baby, Momma named me after the great Civil War hero, General Nathan Bedford Forrest… She said we was related to him in some way. And anyway, that’s how I got my name. Forrest Gump. Momma said that the Forrest part was to remind me that sometimes we all do things that, well, just don’t make no sense.

Because we are human being, and to err is human. Sometimes you have a feeling it is silly thing you should not do that, but you do. Likethe man in a  Karinthy’s short story who tried to convienve himselff, why he should choose the main road than the alley. Finally he was knocked down in the alley.

Sometimes we can not see the pitfalls, just the others. And despite of warning we go on our sweet way, because it cannot happen to us. And we can be wrong.

Sometimes we  lose out influenced by others. And we let ourselves. And we start pointing at them. But when you point your finger cos your plan fell through , you got three more fingers pointing back at you

Sometimes we learn from mistakes, sometimes not.You may could not  step into the same river twice, but you can do the same nonsense  in different ways – but essentially unchanged.

The failure, the pain- we can feel –  teaches something about life. Or not. We explain ourselves that we were not even as big loosers.s

But  mom said: Stupid is as stupid does.

But it is good  to know. we are like peas and carrots. (We and our something stupid)

And sometimes we can surprise ourselves .

After all,

Life’s a box of chocolates, Forrest. You never know what you’re gonna get.



300 (This is Sparta!) (30th of January)

It is a great pleasure for me that the number of my visitors keeps increasing, and we have reached the number of three hundred – thank all of you -but now I do not want to write about this success.
In addition, “manly” I have to confess that I have seen only few scenes of the film “300”, but I know the epigram:
“O, stranger, announce to the Lacedaimonians, that here we lie,obedient to their commands.”
And I know
The Greco-Persian wars of the Greeks under Marathon. this. 490 was stopped by the enemy. Ten years later, another Persian Xerxes led the attack. The polis of Sparta, Athens and Corinth led alliance. The first battle of Thermopylae Strait will be held by King Leonidas of Sparta protects the army of a few thousand people. When the Persians are on their backs, lay off the auxiliary troops, and three hundred soldiers fought to the last breath.

In the Battle of Thermopylae of 480 B.C.E .an alliance of Greek city-states fought the  Persian army at the pass of Thermopylae. Vastly outnumbered, the Greeks delayed the enemy in one of the most famous last stands of history. A small force led by King Leonidas of Sparta blocked the only road through which the massive army of Xerxes I could pass. The Persians succeeded in defeating the Greeks but sustained heavy losses. A local resident named Ephialtes betrayed the Greeks, revealing a mountain path that led behind the Greek lines. Dismissing the rest of the army, King Leonidas stayed behind with 300 Spartans, 400 Thebans, and 700 Thespian volunteers. Though they knew it meant their own deaths, they secured the retreat of the other Greek forces.

Both ancient and modern writers have used the Battle of Thermopylae as an example of the power of a patriotic army defending native soil.

Let’s play with the idea!

What would nowadays our Leonidas do ? He would lie on the sofa with a scarf around his neck, and would be sneezing while glancing  graetefully at the lady who would bring him some hot poiton? Then sip some tisane give him new power tan  he’d run headlong into battle? He may also took some vitamin capsules or  pills to avoidrushing to the toilet during the fierce of fight.

And how would he prepare for  the defense of his homeland? He would train puffing and grunting in the gym? Or would he pay for an  expensive training camps? And he could show off his brand new equipment there!

And as the battle rages higher his smartphone would start ringing:  “Winnie the Pooh, just buy some milk and cold cuts on the way  home… What? You will not come home? You want to become a hero by your war death? And what about me and the baby?  I have devoted the best years of my for you? Selfish bastard! ”

“My little Leo! You know that I’m worried about you and love you! Take care about yourself, my son! You know how evil those ugly Persians are! On this or on this? Forget this old-fashioned nonsense! Well, I did not bring you up so that you become Whiskas for the vultures? ”

And what if he saw the leader of the Persian get out from an Audi or a BMW, while he could own a Suzuki because of the strict Spartan law? It would be a trauma for him?

Should he call doctor Csernus? Can our Imre speak ancient Greek? And what would he say?
– You know, Leonidas, “most men are afraid to talk about their  feelings, and do not dare to take them consistently, more crushed, lying to others, while also deceiving themselves. They pretend that they are strong whiledeep inside they tremble like jelly.It is a misbelief that a man could not  show that he is weak. What is important is to have the courage to admit it. Have the strength to allow pride and ask for help. ”

And what do you do before battle? He would meet the wingmen and brothers in arms and curse the politicians who do not allow the accumulation of wealth,complain about iron coins? Or they would chat about tablets, laptops and smartphones? Maybe they would talk about the Spartan spice girls laughing at them.  Or he would pick up some chicks  at the age of about twenty?

And what about Xerxés? Who the fuck is Xerxes? And where is Thermophylae? Is there a Wellness Hotel? And Salamis? Oh, that’s so cool! And I am the hottest star in Sparta! Never mind. And we have stayed there with my wife! O, what a beautiful crystal blue sea can be found there!


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