„In the midst of the sunshine there stood an old manor house that had a deep moat around it. From the walls of the manor right down to the water’s edge great burdock leaves grew, and there were some so tall that little children could stand upright beneath the biggest of them. In this wilderness of leaves, which was as dense as the forests itself, a duck sat on her nest, hatching her ducklings. „

Buti this is a different story. This duckling felt the power of the sunshine  in an avarage fowl-run. This little creature was not particularly a pretty one, but she can not be said to be ugly, as well. She was as average as the yard she lived in.  Every day she toddled after her mother and her siblings with loud quacking – did not want to be blamed for being dropped behind. Deep down in her heart, she knew that she was as skillful as her brothers  and she had difficulty in walking just because of the rough ground. But she loved swimming. She may have been keen on swimming  because she was able to swim almost as fast as the others. It was a cakewalk for them! They were bigger, stronger, and she was only an  average duckling. But day by day she became bigger and bigger. And day by day she became more braver and braver . One day she decided to discover the  yard alone. It was a sunny afternoon when she peered into the shed where a hen was sitting on her nest  hatching her chicks. Beholding the  strange creature she started to cluck in a  suspicious and threatening way, but when she realised that only a  duckling had wandered into the barn she recovered her calmness.

– Well, well. What are you doing here? A tiny fluffy duckling like you is supposed to be at the side of its mother duck.  You still need protection.

– I am jut discovering the yard. Otherwise,  I am not a fluffy little thing! -she said self-consciously. I had been fed twenty times since I cracked my  eggshell. The hen clucked again while settling back on her nest adjusting her feathers. The ducklings took courage and curiously moved closer to her.

– And why are you sitting  in this dark place while the sun is shining outside? Let’s swim. The best  we can do when the weather is so splendid.

– The hen does not swim. I cannot swim. I am a hen.

– You cannot swim? I have never heard of that! – astonished the duckling, but she was full of good will, she asked innocently: – Do you want me to teach you?

– No, no, how can you think of this nonsense! We – hens – can not and do not want to swim! It is the business of ducks and geese.

( it will be continued)

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